FVP Representatives Interviewed by Peterborough Matters

Family Voice was recently featured in a powerful news article by Peterborough Matters.

Interviewed by John Baker, Asta Remezaite (Parent Representative) and Nazreen Bibi (Disability Campaigner and founder of Alpha Autism Care) described some of the key challenges for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilites during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The interview outlined the hidden reality of parental challenges and experiences during these difficult times. Family Voice recently carried out social research in Peterborough, and the findings are crucial to the improve of experiences for both parent and child going forward: 


  • The vast majority of families taking part in Family Voice surveys have had negative experiences relating to support services and education
  • External political, economic and environmental factors are still impacting on how SEND services are delivered and experienced, despite a move towards co-production
  • Parents' views are being taken into account more often at assessment level, particularly among health services
  • More parents - especially those from 'seldom heard' communities - are interacting with Family Voice, largely due to the pandemic, through teams, workshops and other means. 

Read the full article to find out more.