Participation Opportunity 

Peterborough and Cambridgeshire’s contract for community equipment provision is due to expire in 2021. As such they are currently redesigning the service specification and it is vital that parent carers who have young people with equipment needs give their feedback and have a say as to what needs they feel are not being met.We have been asked to consult on their behalf – the first stage of this will be a survey we have compiled that parent carers can complete: we will present the results of this in a report to the lead commissioner.

We were commissioned to co-produce the local offer and ensure parent participation in other aspects of the SEND Reforms in Peterborough as well as other services relating to children/ young people with SEND. The Local Offer is now live and work relating to the SEND Reforms has been embedded locally. The initial work has become business as usual and we are now working to ensure co-production and participation at every level becomes an ogoing process.

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FVP held some focus groups and will be holding more over the next year this is the opportunity for parent / carers to continue being involved and have ongoing input ainto the continued changes. FVP have also been attending strategic and  planning meetings in relation to SEND and Health services.

The reports from the first series of focus groups and the SEND Reforms workshops are now available for download. (All reports and work are downloaded from the links in the side bar).

"Seldom Heard"

Family Voice Peterborough have been working to engage parent carers from different backgrounds in the SEND work locally. A project was initially funded by Comic Relief termed "Hard to Reach" enabled parent carers from different cultural back grounds in Peterborough to engage with the local health provider for community paediatric services. Part of this work included parent carers co-producing a service directory to be given to parent carers when they start attending the child development centre. The directory can be downloaded via the sidebar. The funding stream ended and the Local Authority provided further funding to ensure the work could continue. There are now more parents engaged and also developing more items (Any work produced will be placed on the side bar)

Participation through on-line surveys

FVP use on-line surveys to enable wider particpation of parent carers. Surveys can be topic specific or broad depending on work streams of the forum and where parent carer voices need to be heard. Going forwards all surveys will be designed to be completed anonymously and any parent carers wishing to be kept informed will need to email All surveys which are live will be listed below and people can click on the title to complete the surveys.

FVP Annual Survey

Work Streams

FVP have parent representatives involved in various work streams and are looking for wider involvement and engagement from parent carers in these. The more parent carers views we gather the louder and stronger our collective voice.

Areas you may want to get involved in:

School Directory development

SEN Information Report Reviews

Autism Services


Preparing for Adulthood

Physical Disability and Sensory Impairment Services

To find out more and get involved please email the team

Topics of Importance

Family Voice Peterborough (FVP) has decided after some consideration to adopt the NNPCF approach to raising issues of importance known as ‘talking points’. FVP will listen to what topics parent carers feel are most important, evidence these concerns and collate them into specific ‘Topics of Importance’. These topics will detail the issue under discussion, what is being said, any sources of evidence used to develop the ‘topic of importance, what messages will be given to key partners and possible recommendations for change.’

FVP will choose the ‘topics of importance’ based on evidence gathered through online surveys, social media polls, soft intelligence from face to face and online discussions. FVP will also look to find other innovative ways to engage with parents and listen to their concerns as not all parents make use of social media channels. The Topics of Importance can be found on the side bar along with any responses from Peterborough City Council.


Topics of Importance

  1. Parents on Panels
  2. Information and Communication
  3. Importance COVID-19
  4. Education and Communication
  5. Transport
  6. Accessing Education During Lockdown
  7. Preparing for Adulthood
  8. Early Help, Early Support and Carer Wellbeing
  9. Educational Experience