Peterborough Visually Impaired (VI) Forum

A message from the Royal National Institute of Blind People: 

Dear local visually impaired (VI) people,

Lisa Frobisher, Linda Parsons, and Andy Westley would like to invite you to the Peterborough VI Forum, a group run by and for blind and partially sighted people from the Peterborough area.

The idea of the Peterborough VI Forum is to bring together local visually impaired people to find out about and keep up to date with the latest events, activities and services available to blind and partially sighted people from in and around Peterborough. We will be inviting various local organisations and individuals who provide and run various services and amenities around Peterborough.

This is a chance to hear directly from those service providers about the latest news and updates from what they have to offer and a chance for us to ask them any questions we may have. 

The Peterborough VI Forum meets on a quarterly basis on the first Thursday of the month between 10:00 and 12:00. Our next meeting is on Thursday 2 nd September. Initially we will be meeting on Microsoft Teams, a platform that you can join via a link, or you can dial into from a telephone. To get joining details please email Warren Wilson on

Our future meetings will be in December, March and June. We do intend to meet face to face as and when we can. When we do, we strongly encourage lunch together afterwards, who doesn’t love a good social and a bite to eat.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lisa, Linda and Andy