Peterborough's SEND OFSTED/ CQC Area Wide Inspection - Letter

The letter for Peterborough’s Area Wide SEND Inspection has been published. Please follow the link and read the findings. Here at Family Voice Peterborough we are not surprised by the findings as it has highlighted the issues that we have been raising across education, health and social care since the SEND reforms came into being in 2014. These findings will give us new impetus to carry on the work we are doing to ensure that outcomes improve for children with SEND, but we cannot do this work without you! 

We need your voice and contribution so that we are able to ensure that we can represent as many parent-cares and their children with SEND as possible. The inspectors found that as a forum we are doing a good job in challenging the local area leaders and have been an active participant in co-producing services and provision for children with SEND. There is much work left to do and we have begun to focus on this by producing our topics of importance where we are seeking to raise awareness and change the way that families of children with SEND are communicated with by the Local services. 

We really need this message to go far and wide, because if we really want to see changes for our children then we have to come together collectively and use our voices together. One lone voice in the wind will not work but together we can really make the changes that are necessary so that our children with SEND have the opportunities for a future that they deserve.