What is a parent carer forum ?

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We are all Parent Carers of children and young people with disabilities /additional needs OR have significant relevant knowledge of this area. We form a committee of Trustees. We also have staff and volunteers who provide operationals duties on behalf of the Trustees.


Meet The Team



Mandi Rennie - Chairperson, Safeguarding Lead & Secretary

John Ravenscroft - IT 

Magda Daly - Treasurer

Samantha Ronnay 

Jessica Herbert - Marketing

Heather Skibstead


Staff and Volunteers

We also have a small team of charity, office and forum staff and volunteers who have a variety of roles to support the Trustees in running the charity.


Our Aims

  • ·         To ensure that parents and carers have a genuine influence in the shaping of services.
  • ·         Facilitate participation in service delivery.
  • ·         To raise awareness of unmet needs and ensure that parents and carers have the opportunity to raise issues and areas of concern.
  • ·         To work in partnership with all other statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • ·         To be a positive force to encourage and ensure that the local authority improves services for our children and young people.
  • ·         To be the strategic consultative body within Peterborough representing families of children and young people with disabilities and additional needs.



The Aiming High for Disabled Children programme was launched in May 2007. Its stated aim was “to improve service provision across the board for disabled children and their families, enhancing equality and opportunity for them” this quote comes from (Department for children, schools and families) DCFS

The Parent Participation work stream of Aiming High was “designed to develop the active involvement of parents in service planning and decision making processes at a local level to ensure that parents are active agents in shaping services” this quote is located in this PDF file on the DCFS website. Some of our grant monies were provided through aiming high for disabled children and administered by Together for Disabled Children (TDC), however the Aiming High Programme and TDC ended in March 2011.

The current government committed to continue with the parent participation programme until 2013 and we have been successfully awarded the money under this programme so far.

We successfully registered as a charity 31st March 2011 which has enabled us to pursue other fundinging streams to enable us to continue with all that we do.

We have a committee led by Chair and supported by a Secretary and Treasurer. We also have an open forum group of Parents and Carers who are informed and involved in the forum on various different levels. All our committee members are also Parents/ Carers of children and young people.



The Voluntary Sector Forum (Bev Walsh) applied for Phase 1 of the Parent Participation Grant Programme from Together for Disabled Children. The funding was used to hold two key events in March to raise awareness of Aiming High for Disabled Children and to ask parents to sign up or express an interest in setting up a forum. The Voluntary Sector Forum applied for Phase 2 of the Parent Participation Grant Programme from Together for Disabled Children. The application for Phase 2 was £10,000 submitted to TDC and was successfully awarded to in May 2009. The funding has been used so far to set up a steering group and organise the new Parents Forum Family Voice Peterborough. The Voluntary Sector Forum closed in October 2009 and we started to work as an independent voluntary group called Family Voice Peterborough. We held our launch event on October 15th 2009 at The Ramada at which parents and carers were given the opportunity to meet with John Richards Director of Children's Services and take part in various workshops/ presentations by the Special Educational Needs team (SEN) and Speech and Language Therapy (SALT), the story is located here