Training Programme

FVP has a highly experienced team of professional trainers who have a great understanding of the local demographics of the population in Peterborough and the particular needs of parents with children with special educational needs and/or disabilities. We can provide a full or bespoke package for individual settings that will be based on the particular needs of their population.

  • Parent Participation Workshop – This is a one-day workshop designed to give parent carers an overview of the principles behind parent participation.
  • The Expert Parent Programme – The EPP is a parent carer empowerment programme that is designed to help families understand how to navigate the NHS. THIS SESSION IS ON HOLD
  • Behaviours that Challenge Workshop- This CPFT course is aimed at parents who have children that may be exhibiting challenging behaviour due to difficulties with attention and/or social communication.

Workshops are £500 each or discounted if you purchase more than one

SEN Information Report Service

We will meet with your setting and review your current SEND Policies and/or SEND Information report then advise on areas that could benefit from change. We can also help advise on content to ensure your setting is compliant. When this service is used in conjunction with our training packages we will work together to promote co-production between parent carers and the school to endeavour that going forward this is a sustainable model.

Support Programme is £600

Coffee Mornings & Micro Forum

We will work with you to set up, assist in advertising and provide support at coffee mornings. We aim to use these sessions to provide a supportive environment for parent carers to decrease feelings of isolation whilst simultaneously providing information that leads to greater empowerment, self-efficacy and resilience. These coffee mornings will be the springboard from which we will aim to educate parents on the principles of participation and co-production and these will form the basis of the micro-forums. The aspiration for the micro-forums is for them to be the vehicle from which SEND information reports and other SEND related policies and procedures can be utilised by your setting.

Sessions are £60 each or £300 for 6

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We are looking for local settings to partner with us to allow us to continue working together to achieve good outcomes for all our children and young people. 

The school offer has been designed to be flexible around the needs of the educational setting that it is based in. If you would like to discuss how Family Voice Peterborough can help your educational setting then please contact us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and how we may best help you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Prices vary depending on the option you choose, or you can purchase the whole package for £1800

For more information please contact us or 01733 685510. 


Working with Family Voice has been very important for our school over the last academic year. It has provided opportunities for parents to know there is a network of people they can talk to and ask questions to, we have learnt lots as a school community about the resources and services that are just at our doorstep.

Online courses have also increased confidence of parents.

I look forward to working with them more in the future!

Beeches Primary School



Thank you to you and your team, your support is invaluable and the knowledge base is amazing. Really enjoyed the session today and thank you for helping our parents

All Saints School



If you are from an education setting in Peterborough and you wish to request our support please complete this form