This page is your place for finding out information about Special Educational Needs and Disability  services in Peterborough:

  • There is information on the Statutory and Monitoring Service (SAMs) formally the SEN service,
  • The Local Offer; what it is, how to find it, providing feedback and participation opportunities
  • What is happening in terms of transfers from statements to Education Health and Care (EHC) plans,
  • How to get support to navigate the new system including where to find information on Independent Support and SEND Partnership

The Inclusion Services document in the side bar tells you who is who at Peterborough City Council Inclusion Services



Parent Carer Hub and SEN and  Inclusion (SENI) Services Surgeries

After trialling parent carer drop in sessions and SEN Surgery sessions it has been decided to contiune with the programme and to combine them as a parent carer hub.

The idea for these originally came about after we gathered evidence from parent carers that they were finding the new system confusing and difficult to navigate; parent carers have been reporting to FVP that they do not know where to go to get help and support especially around EHC needs assessments and support in school.

The idea of the Inclusion surgeries was to provide a base for parent carers to have direct access to SEN services in Peterborough at times convenient to them and their families. The first session took place as a pilot and was attended by parent carers and a senior manager from SAMs. This session was well received with the parent carers having the opportunity to watch a presentation all about the new system and the SAM service followed by 1:1 sessions if required with the senior manager.

Themed SEND Workshops

 After asking parent carers what topics they would like to see and learn more about, we have listened and will be working with practionners to provide a series of topic specific workshops; from SEN support through to continence services. Workshops will be free to attend and will provide parents with information and support.

Mental Health Services/ Transforming Care

We have been working closely with our partner forums across the Eastern Region to co-produce key messages and information for parent carers about how to find help and support around childrens mental health. A guide has beeb produced which can be downloaded from the side bar.

There is also survey available for parent carers by the Eastern Region of Parent Carer Forums (ERPCF) which is open until the 30th April 

The parent survey is now available on Survey Monkey.


The link is


Please launch this survey on your Forum’s website / social media / general or targeted email comms as appropriate.  The closing date of the Survey is Friday 30th April and it can be completed anonymously if the parent carer prefers.


We would really value as many responses as possible, so if any Forum Reps or Steering group members have a lived experience of Tier 3 or 4 support for their child or young person do encourage them to also complete the survey.