Butlins Skegness Caravan Park 

Please see the following note from Butlins Skegness 

“Unfortunately, we have made the decision to ban disposable BBQs on Park, this decision comes after a number of incidents over the past couple of months including a bin fire on the Park recently.

Gas & Electric BBQs are still permitted, and we ask that Owners & Guests take care when using them around your Caravan pitch.

Please ensure that this information is also passed onto your family, friends & guests that will be staying on Park in the future.”


Haven Caister Caravan Park

Please see the updates below from Haven Caister:


“Given the prolonged hot weather, we’ve decided to stop selling disposable barbecues in our park shops. We’d like to kindly request you not to use disposable barbecues on site, for your own safety as well as other guests and our team.”

Tips on Water Usage

• Take shorter showers – The average shower uses 10litres of water a minute!

• Use washing up bowls when washing plates etc

• Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need

• Turn off all taps when not in use

• Do not use any sprinklers/hosepipes

• Be careful with backwashing/topping up of pools and hot tubs

• Repair known water leaks

• Be vigilant for any other leakage and repair asap