The HOPE (Health Outcomes for young People throughout Education) study is investigating the impact of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) provision on health outcomes for children and young people in England. This project is a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the University College London. 


The research team based in Cambridge is led by Professor Tamsin Ford (Psychiatry), Professor Kristine Black-Hawkins (SEND), The team focuses on the Work Package 2, which will investigate who receives SEND provision, when, what type, for how long and the user experiences of this provision at the Local Authority level across England. 


For this, the research team has launched three national surveys: one for children and young people with SEND (which takes 10 minutes), one for parents/carers of children and young people with SEND  (which takes 20 minutes) and one for practitioners who work with children who have SEND in any capacity (takes 10 minutes). 


The goal of these surveys is to understand the experiences of SEND provision and explore how these vary across England. 


Please forward the link to all three surveys 


You can find more information on the study at the following link: