We have launched a new campaign to hear from as many of our local people, communities and partners as possible. ‘Let’s Talk: Your health & care’ is for everyone living, working or studying in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough who wants to have a positive impact on the future of health and care services across our area. By hearing from local people, we can better understand local issues and needs, and work together to tackle them. 


Whether you have a wide personal experience of health and care services, occasionally pick up a prescription, visit a local community service for advice, or haven’t had the need to use health or care services recently, we want to hear from you.   


We are writing a strategy that will shape the services and support we offer over the next five years. To make sure our plans meet your needs, we have drafted a few questions, on a range of topics that we would like you views on. It’s not a long questionnaire, and most people can complete it in around five minutes. The questionnaire can be accessed online, and printed copies are available on request from cpicb.comms@nhs.net  


We want to reach as many people as possible, especially people in communities we don’t regularly speak to or hear from. So please, share widely among your networks, colleagues, friends and family. Please also remember to complete the questionnaire yourself too! 


The insights and feedback we get will help shape our Health & Wellbeing Integrated Care Strategy​ and influence the future of health and care over the next five years and help us build longer term relationships with our local people and communities.​ 

Every question, comment or suggestion is welcome. 


The survey will close on Thursday 10 November. So that you can see where your views have had an impact, we will share a detailed overview of the insights we have gathered. Our strategy will also be clear about the influence your views have had.